Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Deer Spotting

I am a 23 year old displaced Christian. I grew up here in the burbs of Philly, yes. However, I spent my college years in the bible belt – Lancaster PA. After moving back to the burbs of Philly, I find myself longing to be back. Religion is much more welcome there. Here, it is treated as an obligation. I still haven’t found a church and I have been back almost 4 years. Also, Lancaster was over all friendlier, slower and simpler. I actually went deer spotting! This is what people would do there: Put on some warm clothes, load into the car with beers. Guys in the front, girls in the back, windows down. Music blasting. We would drive around the sticks on Lancaster and when we saw a deer, we would stop and shine a high powered flash light on it……….I’ll give you a second to take that in. That was the purpose. Also – I’m pretty sure its illegal. The guys just thought it was hilarious. Us girls would sit in the back, bundled up and talk about the boys or school or whatever. Yet, those were some of the best nights of my life. I've never had fun like that here.

I even liked the grocery stores better there. They had Weis. Here we have Giant, Acme or Genaurdis. I don’t know why I liked Weiss so much but I did. Do you have Weis? Do you prefer it?

John hates that I miss Lancaster so much. He thinks I’m wrong about it. He says if I went back today, the things that made me happy then would not make me happy now. He says I need to find happiness here. I’m finally trying. I’ve just never been a really happy person on the inside. I project happiness but it’s not a huge part of my everyday process. John is helping me realize that I have to find hapiness. Hence the blog and etsy stores and jobs. We'll see where it takes me!

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