Saturday, January 30, 2010


Every year we have our first "big snow" and I can never find the boots I bought last year after the first big snow. So I always go out and buy boots after the first big snow. And guess what? It never snows again for the whole season after buying the boots. So, if you don't want it to snow, just go out and buy ugly horrible boots that you wish you had a week earlier when you got snow in your shoes while digging your car out.

Secondly, what the hell happens to the boots I buy every year? I think the same monster eats them who eats one sock each from all your pairs. Maybe I didn't realize I wasn't buying boots, but rather renting them.

New Homeowner

I made a tiny mistake the other day. I put my trash out on the wrong day. Not a big deal. However, I happened to pick the windiest day known to man and I put out a lot of trash. I came home from work to see that my neighbors houses were strewn with my trash that wasn't picked up.


Hi neighbor!

I'm not sure what was more embarrassing; the mistake itself or the mad-dash-walk-of-shame to gather it all.

Monday, January 25, 2010

My House

John and I were looking for a house for the LONGEST time. (Maybe like 6 months.) But we looked at over 60 houses and it seemed a lot longer. We had a very specific type in mind. A piece of crap cheap foreclosure. You would think there is a lot. And there is. However, I'm not paying full price for it. So it was hard. We eventually found this gem in a neighborhood we were very interested in. Not a good school system but we are SO not to that point in our lives. (Hey Bud, where's the RING?) Anyway, here are some pics.....
Gorgeous right? ;) We snatched that baby right up!

Well, then it looked like this:
And then it looked like this:

(New windows, roof, door, siding, etc..)

The inside looked a little like this:
(I am going to progress the pictures in the same fashion, section by section.)
(John's Mom & Realtor. This is literally what it looked like. You're lucky you can't smell it.)
And now...

How about the gorgeous kitchen?
Yummy! I wanna eat in there...
(Ikea Kitchen.)
Yes, that is a tiny bat hanging over the sink. Don't ask.

Now for the dining room. You can see a little of it in the first photos.
I didn't take before shots of everything but here's more shots:

This is going to be the man cave/den.
"After" shots to come when room is completed.

Oh, can't forget the bathrooms:

And the bedroom:

"After" shots to come when I feel like cleaning it.

(My then-preggers sister.)
And now a BABY!
(That fits the before & after theme of this blog right? Ok, moving on.)

Upstairs bedroom which is now my studio, office.

That's all I've got for now. More to come...