Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Good Word

As you may know, I started to read the bible this year along with the ladies over at I have to say that it is a struggle. So many phrases and words that are foreign to me. Also, there are just so many names and ages and this guy fathered this guy who fathered this guy who fathered this guy. I almost feel like I am studying! Sheesh. I just try to take it passage by passage. I have found many words of inspiration and even some humor! (Unintentional, I assume.) We'll see how it goes! At lest I have the support of the girls at the blog. I kind of wish that John was doing it with me so we could talk about it.

On a similar but different note: Last night I asked John about this scenario: What happens if you marry someone who you love madly for 20 years and they die? And then you marry someone else who you love madly for another 20 years. Who are you with in heaven? Needless to say I ended up crying after the short discussion. I look at God as more a man with power and thought. John looks at him as a presence in everything and when we die we become apart of the presence in everything. I picture heaven to be a lot like earth. So to imagine Eternity without John just broke my heart into a million pieces. I know that when the time comes, all will be explained. But I had a moment of weakness I guess.


KillerB said...

I hear you, I'm have a difficult time with the Old Testament passages right now-- but it's SO helpful to read everyone's comments while I'm plugging along :)


Charlotte said...

Hi KG -

thanks for being honest on Truth 365! I can only imagine how confusing it must be to read the Old Testament, without someone to guide you through it. Please don't hesitate to ask questions... either on the blog, or feel free to email me (, emery, or anyone else you feel comfortable talking with.

As for the questions about heaven... the only requirements for a person to be in heaven is the relationship they have with Jesus. So if you loved someone for 20 years, and they trusted in Jesus, they would be in heaven. Same goes for the 2nd person. I think that the differences in thought between you and Sting are something to talk about with each other... I think you both need to explore more of who God is, and come to an understanding relationship with Him. I apologize if that comes off at all cruel... like I said, feel free to let me know if you have any questions! I'm excited to see you grow during this journey. :)

KG said...

Not cruel!! It is so hard sometimes when we are both Christian but our beleifs are so different!

Charlotte said...

I would encourage you to keep sharing the truth you've been learning from the Bible with your man. The Bible is God's word, and gives his authority on any subject. The truth will be spoken into your life! And keep seeking counsel from older, wiser Christian men and women. You'll make it through!