Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Smelly Peeps

Why do so many people smell oh-so-horribly? I work with the public. Thats right, the lovely occupation of customer service. The only item I depend on as much as the computer is a bottle of my trusty Febreeze. It gets to the point where I have some nasty smelly person sitting at my desk and my eyes and nose sting. How do they live like that? Do they not notice that every where they go, people around them say Whats that smell? Do they notice the fact that I am sitting there holding my breath with my hand laying delicately over my mouth blocking my nostrils? Alternately, do they notice and just not care? Ive actually had a woman pee her pants while sitting at my desk. That was a memorable moment in my life. The best part she didnt even notice/care. Im sitting there and it starts to smell really foul. When she gets up to leave there is a puddle on the chair. Awesome. No wonder I have such a hard time quitting smoking.

I wish wish wish I could say something or deny them service. But I can't. I tell myself that if I encounter an especially stinky individual somewhere other than work that I will confront them. Well, I had just such an opportunity at the grocery store the other day. I chickened out. I'm just not that mean. I will have to leave that noble responsibility to their family/friends.

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